Fish & Chips - $18
3 Spicy vegetable filling wrapped in
fresh pastry.


Bangers & Mash - $20
Loads of French fries smothered with
cheese and our Keema Curry.


Cornish Pastie - $20
Deep fried and stuffed with fire roasted
peppers, corn, onion, and all natural grilled
chicken, served with sauce.


Shepherd's Pie - $20
All Natural White Meat Chicken chunks,
marinated in ginger, coriander, soy, and


Beef Vindaloo - $22
Chicken baked with Tandoori spices, glazed
with sweet chili sauce then topped with
mozzarella, pickled onions and peppers.


Chicken Tikka Masala - $22
"Houston Dairy Maids" Artisan cheese
assortment served with crackers and
imported olives drizzled in seasoned
olive oil.